Let's untangle fear, overwhelm and other dream stealers

It takes a special kind of crazy to 'live your dreams' and pursue the path of a creator.

Let me guess. You're one of the crazy ones right?

Just playing. Kinda.

Because you know. Don't you?

You know the desire to put your creations into the world, comes with the clownery of overthinking and second guessing: 'I can't do this?', 'Will people judge me?', 'What if I'm rejected?', 'What if I fail?' Or worse, 'what if they 'out' me as the impostor I am?'

That sort of thinking robs you of your time, energy and attention. But you already know that.

Which is why you're on the Interweeb looking for ways to overcome the mental blocks and barriers to success.

You're in good company. There's a wealth of freely available material at your fingertips. It's just that... there's so much of it. 

And let's be real. Chomping your way through hundreds of blog posts, dozens of books, and a slew of podcasts/talks to find the good bits is kinda... overwhelming, not to mention time consuming.

So, why not outsource the information chomping to someone who enjoys that jazz?

What's inside  The Sunday Check-In?

A sprinkling of inspiration, resources and tools to help manage the mental blocks and obstacles that threaten to steal your time, energy and attention. 

Each week I send out an email with lessons I'm learning on my journey as a creative entrepreneur, links to practical resources and tools, and prompt questions to inspire self reflection and challenge negative thinking. 

All good stuff that has the potential to help you get out of your own way and do the 'thing' you've been dreaming about. 

Here's a link to a previous issue: Here's to the Crazy Ones

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A weekly pep-talk to help you untangle fear, self doubt and other dream stealers

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Be your own hero, guru, self coach

When you can tap into your power to self-regulate, you become the true creator of your life.

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This is how I can help:

  • Seek out actionable tips, tools and advice from solid sources (no facking fluff)
  • Package them into a digestible format worthy of space in your inbox
  • Share them with ambitious folks like you who want to bring their 'thing' to life

Why is it called The Sunday Check-In?

Remember the days when people chilled on a Sunday with the newspaper and a cup of tea? Think of The Sunday Check-In as your Sunday paper (only, it's filled with really useful stuff).

It'll give you time to check in with the voices in your head, reflect, and focus on what you need to keep things moving.

It'll also lift you up with inspiration, and prep you for the week ahead.

What next?

If you're a writer, artist, designer, candlestick maker... heck an ambitious dreamer or wannabe creator driven by the urge to bring something meaningful into the world, you are my people.

Join the community. We're growing every day 🙂

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A weekly pep-talk to help you untangle fear, self doubt and other dream stealers

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