Issue #028 | October 04, 2020  


This week: letting go of an idea, a no BS productivity tip for people who hate self-help, how not to let others dim your light, a do-list calendar app + more.

About That Thing You Wanted to Do...

It was about 4 pm on a Friday. 

A young woman in a red bomber jacket was standing smack bang in front of the tuna fish aisle. She had her phone pressed to her ear, and she did not look happy.

Meh, whatever. I needed my tuna fix. So I squeezed my body past hers to grab a couple of cans.

(Front up to angry lady on phone giving me the death stare or grab the tuna... Tuna wins. Every. Single. Time).

"Yeah, but that was my idea" she screeched. 

"Like my frigging idea. Now what do I do?" 

I wanted to carry on listening, so I lingered for a bit (hmm, should I get the tuna in tomato sauce or the tuna in brine? *That's me lingering*).

heres to the crazy ones quote - not fitting in

"...and you know what's most annoying? I thought about doing that ever since Jason's party. Arrgh! I'm so pissed off."

(At this point she clocked me ear-wigging, spun around and stomped off in the opposite direction).

Now, I don't know when Jason's party was, but something tells me it was a while ago. Pre-COVID.

Red bomber jacket girl, you snoozed on it. That idea wasn't meant for you.

But most of us have been there.

Getting all giddy about an idea. 

Doing nothing about it for months. Years even. 

Then, the moment we stumble across someone doing the thing we wanted to do, we get all bent out of shape.

I have a trail of stolen abandoned content ideas.

When I see so-and-so's written the same thing I wanted to write, I think to myself: why didn't I write that when I first thunk it. I can't do it now because I'll look like a copycat.

And it's annoying as heck when that happens. 

But the only sane thing to do is handle the loss.

An idea, is just an idea. An unformed bundle of something that could be, but isn't yet.

Have you read Elizabeth Gilbert's book Big Magic? 

She shares her idea to write an epic book - an Amazon jungle novel.

But then life got in the way. She lost her mojo. The book never happened.

Fast forward sometime later. Liz meets Ann, a fellow author, at an event. 

Guess what Ann's latest project is? A jungle novel set in the Amazon... the plot's (almost) identical to the idea Liz had two years earlier.

Now Liz could have gotten annoyed. 

She could have resented Ann for 'stealing' her idea.

She could have blamed or shamed herself for being too lazy to do the work.

But she didn't.

Liz accepted that she wasn't the one to bring that book into the world. Her friend Ann was.

We can't be mad at ourselves, or others, or the world for our lack of action. Ideas come, and ideas go.

But we can keep our eyes open for the next one. 

Chances are that that next idea is for you. 

You'll recognise it because it'll be the one you work on tirelessly.

And when that happens, say a little thank you to that old, abandoned idea. Because now you've got something bigger and better to bring to life. 

Mena x

Quick Tips & Cool Tools

✨ A productivity tip for people who hate self-help tips

Laura went from a writer who never wrote, to a writer who writes by following the trigger method (I love her no BS approach):

  • The trigger: iced coffee
  • The action: write, muthaf*cka!
  • The result: I wrote it, muthaf*cka!

→ Laura Belgray (Medium)

✨ 4 Ways to not let others dim your light

"...the more greatness you strive for, the more people will come out of nowhere to hate on you"

  • Always be kind: It's hard to be kind to someone who has the intention of bringing you down. Be kind anyway. Being any other way with these people is a waste of energy.
  • Learn from the naysayers by asking questions: You'll quickly get to the heart of their criticism and attacks (hint: it's very often not about you, it's about them).
  • Move on and ignore: "Give people a chance to share their thoughts, but don’t give them a chance to take away or deter you from your dreams." Sometimes the best thing you can do is walk away.
  • Give back: If you see someone else trying to shine do your best to lift them up.

→ George Couros

✨ A simple to-do list weekly calendar

For the 'appy' person who prefers to do their to-do listing on software not paper. Got to admit, as a paper person, this actually looks pretty good.

→ Tweek

✨ How to be kind to yourself and still get things done

Most of us aren't very kind to ourselves. We beat ourselves up for making mistakes and not living up to our expectations.

Practice this rule: kindness to yourself, always.

  • See the beauty in your flaws
  • See the good hearted intentions behind your mistakes
  • Do good, not harmful things
  • Look at the bigger picture version of you

→ Zenhabits

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