Issue #018 | July 26, 2020  


This week: being driven to distraction, making passive income from your art, sticking to self-imposed deadlines, do you need Iceland?

Cute Doggies and Bad Movies

It was just one of those days.

I'm guessing you get them too.

Those days when something seems off.

You wake up feeling tense. You don't want to work on your art today. Not while you're in this mood. 

You force yourself to do it anyway. But that 'off' feeling, well it's still there. And now you're in front of your computer, feeling restless as hell. 

You don't want to create. Not today.

Yep. I was having one of THOSE days.

I could have sacked off the rest of the day to binge on YouTube. And for a few minutes, I gave into that desire.

A few minutes... bahaha!

Who was I kidding. You see, YouTube is like crack for the overwhelmed, the self doubting and the procrastinating. 

I was claiming all three of those titles that day.

When your head gets turned by a "let's see what's on YouTube" moment, all I can say is: brace yourself.

I lost 2.5 hours of my life to YouTube.

It started with cute doggie-does-funny-shit videos.

It escalated to a 90s B movie about a snatched toddler who finds his mother 16 years later. But the son has issues...

Son tries to kill mum. Fails. Mum kills son instead. 

Plot twist: *speaks in a hushed voice* he was never really her son 😲

Oooh, it was bad. Still, I continued to watch anyway (I'd send you the link just for laughs, but I don't want to expose you to that mess).

So here I am. Scrolling through the comments section on YouTube (because that's where the real entertainment's at), with the B movie still playing in the background. 

And I'm asking myself: "How the hell did I get here?"

I'll tell you how.

I was looking for a way to soothe my discomfort of feeling overwhelmed. 

And in that moment, YouTube was my coping strategy of choice. I don't blame YouTube for hijacking my brain for a couple of hours. It was my release.

I'm telling you this because it's so easy to feel guilty for allowing distractions to steal your attention. But the distraction is a call to re-route to a different direction, one that'll serve you better.

After reflecting on my mini YouTube meltdown, I managed to get myself back on track by picking just one thing to work on. Turns out I'd packed so many to-dos into my day, it was making my head spin, flip and pop.

Distraction leaves clues 

If you're doing everything but the thing you need to be doing, stop for a moment. Ask yourself "how did I get here?"

Then identify what you need to re-focus your attention.

As always, I'm curious. Tell me what coping strategy you default to when you feel overwhelmed? 

Go right ahead. I'm listening👂🏾

Mena x

The Picks: Advice, Tips & Tools

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🔥 How to make passive income with your art

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  • This article covers six ways creatives can turn their art into a second or third income stream. Including: art licensing, online teaching, and one of my personal faves - print on demand product creation → Six Ways Artists Can Create Passive Income (Artwork Archive)

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🔥 How to stick to self-imposed deadlines

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Just for Fun!

Ever feel so frustrated that you want to scream into a vast vacuous space?

Looks Like You Need Iceland