Issue #032 | November 01, 2020  


This week: falling off the wagon, how to NOT feel like a sell out, write without sounding like a show off, thinking strategically, 13 mindfulness apps you may want to try + more.

Falling Off the Wagon

What do you do when you fall off the wagon?

Pre-COVID I was at the gym 3-4 days a week. A habit I'd worked hard to maintain for the last 6 years.

And then the Corona shitstorm happened.

Gyms far and wide closed. It was like a dagger to my heart.

I remained optimistic. I figured I could keep my fitness up at home. 

Bahaha! Ha!

Three months post gym closure, and the truth became clear: home exercise was not for me. 

Working out from home is not the same as working out at the gym.

I don't care what anyone says. It isn't an adequate replacement. Certainly not for me.

Here's me at the gym: "I've done a 2-hour session and I still want more. I'm a beast!"

Annnd me at home: "This 30-minute workout is way too long. Oh here's a 10 minute one. I'll do this instead".

Needless to say my fitness levels drop like a hot potato.

FACT: home workouts lasting longer than 20-minutes bore the pants off me.

(Unless I'm engaging in a solo dance party in my kitchen - but that doesn't feel like a workout). 

When they announced the gyms would re-open in July I was beyond happy... for about a minute.  

You see, I'd fallen so hard from the fitness wagon that the thought of getting back on it was sending me into panic mode. 

So I extended my membership freeze. I found excuses to support my decision. I told myself it wasn't safe to go back. Not yet.

Worst of all, I blamed the pandemic for my lack of motivation. Coronavirus had made me lazy. Physically lazy. Ugh!

heres to the crazy ones quote - not fitting in

But three weeks ago I found the courage to go back to the gym.

I had to dig deep. There was one question that helped me see sense. That question was:

"If you don't do this thing now, what will it cost you?"

My answer: Muscle wastage. Lack of energy. Bingo wings!!

I chose to get my ass back into gear. Got my calendar out, booked my sessions, and most importantly, I made myself follow through.

Because (real talk) the pain of a life with bingo wings far exceeded the pain of hauling my unfit self back to the gym.


Quick Tips & Cool Tools

✨ How to sell your art without feeling like a sell out

  • Seems to be a big thing among my artsy friends - the concept of not looking like a sell out. But as long as you hold onto your soul, are you really selling out?
  • This video is recorded from the perspective of a musician but if you can look past that, you'll see the message. It drops truth bombs that'll resonate with any creator struggling to market themselves and their work.
  • "The venue affects your art" but there's a way you can adjust the 'packaging' without it affecting your soul. 

→ JackConteExtras (YouTube - 12 mins)

✨ Write about yourself without feeling like a show-off

  • An article by a fellow Brit who struggles with writing about herself (I can so relate). 
  • My fave tip is number 6. Do The Cringe Test. 
  • If you feel yourself cringing when reading your finished piece, you may need to turn the dial down a notch or two. Edit that thing until it feels less cringe-y.

→ Creative Boom

✨ How to improve your strategic thinking

What does it mean to be a strategic thinker? I'll tell you what it doesn't mean - It doesn't mean being some dusty executive in a corporate company. 

I'm a one woman band, and I don't make any decisions until I've thought through them strategically. 

If you've ever been told to 'think bigger' or more strategically, you'll find some helpful advice here:

  • Keep a close eye on your niche, market, industry with particular emphasis on any common trends.
  • Be curious. Question, question, question. Everything! The tougher the questions, the deeper you'll dig. The deeper you dig, the better the solution.
  • Carve out time in your day, everyday to reflect. This is a biggie. 


✨ Are you giving off insecure vibes?

Before you send that next email, or ask someone for help, check to see what vibes you're giving off. 

Because the more you act insecure (even when deep down you really aren't), the more you'll feel insecure. And so the cycle of the self-fulfilling prophecy continues. 

Insecure vibes look like: 

  • getting defensive when triggered, 
  • assuming someone will say no to your request for help, 
  • emailing when a call would be better, and over-splaining. 

Find yourself doing any of the above? Learn how to nip them in the bud.

→ Wes Kao

Expert-reviewed mindfulness apps that are worth your time

  • You don't have to meditate to practice mindfulness, but it helps.
  • What also helps is downloading a an app designed to bring more calm to your day (Insight Timer is my personal fave).
  • Not sure what qualities to look for in the better mindfulness apps? You'll find 13 recommendations here.

→ Mashable

Caught on Twitter

Just for Fun!

Do you remember why we came into this world? 

We came to dance (or in other words - live our lives as our truest selves). 

This video is a moving reminder of that.

→ We Came to Dance