Issue #033 | November 08, 2020  


This week: small wins, a guide to making ideas happen, reasons to start a blog, YouTube channels for graphic designers and fun facts.

Small Stuff.

Every Friday, folks from the online community I'm in perform The Ritual.

They share their 'weekly wins'.

Some of these wins are big smoking success stories. 

Others are small, and seemingly insignificant.

It's these small wins that impress me the most:

  • The person who hates being on camera but records and submits a video pitch for a community challenge.
  • The person who cranked out 1000 words despite battling a spell of writers block.
  • The person who kept their cool while confronting a client about an unpaid invoice.
  • The person who received praise and admiration for a job well done. 
heres to the crazy ones quote - not fitting in

We underestimate the value of small wins.

We tell ourselves it's silly to acknowledge or celebrate such trivial things.

But... so what if they're small.

These tiny triumphs are the building blocks that get us to our bigger picture goals. 

It's funny, we can focus on the crappy stuff all day long. The things we failed at. The negative comments. The imperfection of our creations. 

But when it comes to appreciating the small stuff, we don't do that enough. I know I don't.

So I'm developing my own ritual of appreciation. 

I don't have the compulsion to share my wins publicly, but I'm going to make more of an effort to write them down.

And then I'll let myself revel in them just a little longer than normal.

Because the small stuff... well it matters.


PS. It's lockdown round two in the UK. Hope you're keeping safe and well.

PPS. If you know of any fun online workouts, send links. I'm in need of inspiration!

Quick Tips & Cool Tools

✨ The ultimate guide to making ideas happen

We often talk about the things we want to do, but don't end up doing them.

As Srini Rao puts it:

"...the internet is a digital graveyard of creative projects that people started in a moment of temporary inspiration."

That's why he wrote this guide. It's like an A-Z of how to execute on an idea. 

It takes you from how to manage your time, focus and attention, to developing systems and habits that help keep you consistent, to how to promote your work.

→ Unmistakable Creative

✨ Write as you speak

"Having emotionally real conversations takes vulnerability. In a world where so many of us have been taught to write according to a list of rules, disregarding them is a way of extending trust."

Writing like you speak is a way to rebel against the system, while winning a few hearts in the process. 

It's hard to do because it involves getting comfortable with your own insecurities. But if you can get past that you'll thrive as a writer.

→ Gretchen McCulloch (The New York Times)

✨ 9 reasons to start a blog

There are many good reasons to start a blog. But there are plenty of bad reasons too. This article covers blogging from both angles. 

Blogging is for you if you want to inspire others, improve your writing skills, face your fears, and meet new people. 

Blogging isn't for you if you don't like working long hours, having less social time, and dealing with constant change.

→ Blogging Wizard

✨ The best YouTube channels for designers in 2020

One of the best ways to up your design skills, is to follow other designers. 

Here's a list of noteworthy graphic and product designers to follow on YouTube.

→ Get Flywheel

✨ Good enough is just fine

How do you know when your work is good enough?

"Good Enough is when you know that the work isn’t perfect, but it still respects the intellect of your audience. It’s not exactly what you envisioned, but it’s still damn good enough to deserve their investment of attention."

As a writer, creator or maker, you'll never feel as though your work is good enough. it's about accepting that at some point you just need to stop and ship the thing you've created.

→ More to That

Caught on Twitter

Just for Fun!

Did you know that...

  • It's harder to get a job at Walmart than it is to get accepted into Harvard.
  • Cows moo with regional accents.
  • Hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia is the technical name for the 'fear of long words' (ironic, right?)
  • There's even a City in Nebraska with a population of one (I didn't believe it either, but I fact checked. Looks like she's been alone for years).

More funny and odd facts here → Best Life Online