Issue #035 | November 22, 2020  


This week: you're doing good, things to do before launching a blog, creative courses you can take for free, why multi-tasking is so bad, and Phil Collins.

You're Doing Good!

I've had one of those weeks.

You know the kind. Those weeks where you feel as though you've achieved NOTHING.

Judging by all the scribbles and check marks in my planner, I know that's not true. 

It just doesn't feel as though I've made a big enough dent.

My master to-do list still looks like Mount Everest.

And I'm asking myself whether I'll ever get to the top of it.

Then I remembered something a friend once told me:

"It might not look as though you're making much progress right now, but in my book you're doing good. You're doing a great job. Keep going."

heres to the crazy ones quote - not fitting in

Funny how a well-timed 'you're doing good' can wash away doubt, anxiety and perfectionism.

When you've had a shitty day or week, and it feels as though nothing's going to plan, those words are exactly what you need to hear.

One foot in front of the other, slow but deliberate. You're doing good, even though it doesn't feel like it.

- So you didn't finish everything you said you'd do today. But you managed to cross one task off your list. You'did good. Tomorrow is another day.

- So you only managed to fit in a 10-minute workout this morning. You still got to move your body. That's good enough.

- Your last piece of writing didn't attract the level of adoration you hoped it would. But hey. You still brought your words to life. You're doing a great job. Keep going.

Chipping away at the mammoth mountain is way better than never picking up the axe to start.

Let's remember to cut ourselves some slack on those days or weeks when things don't seem to be moving.

Know that wherever you are, whatever you're doing, you're doing the best you can.

You're doing good.


Quick Tips & Cool Tools

✨ 47 things to do before launching a blog

There are a gazillion things involved when it comes to building a blog. 

If you've tinkered with the idea of starting one - a personal blog or otherwise, you may find this checklist handy. 

It covers everything from generating ideas and setting goals, to creating content, building your brand and marketing.

→ Blog Tyrant

✨ 10 creative courses you can take online... for free

The 'bio-hacking your brain's health' course looks interesting to me. 

If that's not your bag this list features courses on creative problem solving, design thinking, creative thinking, the concept of culture, and the healing arts. just to list a few.

→ Artsy

✨ The dark side of multi-tasking

The more I learn how to focus my attention on just one thing at a time, the worse I become at multi-tasking. 

But that's a good thing. Can't live a productive life with a scattered mind and low attention span.

Here's a great visual representation of the cost of multi tasking.

→ Inc

✨ Tools and resources to help make naming things easier

I once spent 5 weeks trying to come up with a name for a new website.

To say I find the process of naming things difficult is an understatement.

If you find yourself struggling with the same issue, check this out.

Onym is a huge directory (tools, resources, creative agencies, books) that'll help generate naming ideas for your next project, course, creations... or even baby.

The guide also features tools for helping you vet the name you've selected.

→ Onym

Caught on Twitter

Just for Fun!

These young dudes first time reaction to Phil Collins 'In the Air Tonight'... is the best (and yes, I'm old enough to remember Phil).

I've never been so excited to hear a beat drop. 

(fast forward to 0:40 if you want to skip the pre-chat)

In case you just want to catch the magic of Phil Collins performing this live. The anticipation gives me goosebumps: